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Washington Football Team Pre-Show Presented By Sofia Bevarly


Welcome back to the internet's greatest pre-show, this week presented by Sofia Bevarly. 

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Ok we're back. We have our Football Team facing the Bills of Buffalo today. The Bills are feeling themselves coming off a dominating week 2 win, a 35-0 shutout over the Dolphins. 

Our Football Team squeaked by the Giants at home in that Thursday night thriller where the offense looked good but the defense played miserably.

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What do I expect from today's game? A bit of the same, like last week. Josh Allen can move and pick up yardage on the ground, so the fact we let Daniel Jones pick up 95 rushing yards should be music to Bills fans ears. But I do expect the WFT defense to play better than last week, and the offense to continue to buzz, but get Antonio Gibson more involved.

My prediction, after these messages.






I think this game will be much closer than expected. I still think our Washington Football Team has potential to be VERY good this season. In fact, I think we don't only cover...BUT WIN OUTRIGHT!!!! LET'S FUCKING GO BABY!!!! THE DEFENSE FINALLY STEPS UP, GETS JOSH ALLEN TO MAKE MISTAKES, SOME KEY TURNOVERS, AND HEINICKE COOKS ON OFFENSE.

Prediction: Washington 27 Bills 23 



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