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Bears At Browns - Start Of The Fields Era (Kinda) - Live Blog

Ronald Martinez. Getty Images.

Alot of action surrounding the Bears today for Barstool Chicago. We've got Justin Fields making his first start, a monster Barstool exclusive bet, and a big crew from HQ in town.

Normally that spells disaster for us, but for some reason I'm somewhat optimistic today. The word I've been using like crazy (and will continue to use) is "measuring stick". We saw one extreme end of the spectrum in a really good Rams team and a complete opposite one in a horrible Bengals team in two weeks so far. The Browns fall somewhere in the middle to above that obviously so I'm very interested in getting more of a true look into what this really defense is.

The same goes for our offensive line who has been surprisingly tolerable so far this year as they get ready for an absolute battle against Myles Garrett and co.

Then of course there's Justin Fields. I've got no clue what's set to happen, but I can guarantee it will be overreaction city one way or another once the game ends. He knows he's gotta play better than he did last week so hopefully with some added preparation he gives us that positive hope that we desperately need around this franchise.

Bear Down.