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Alexander Volkanovski Defeats Brian Ortega In An Absolute Rollercoaster Of A Main Event


We might've just watched the defining fight of Alexander Volkanovski's UFC Featherweight Championship run, ladies and gentlemen. Ain't nothing controversial about this win, and he displayed toughness, heart, determination, and skill for days. Instant classic.

Volk clearly seemed to be in control of the fight through two rounds, in my opinion, until Ortega caught one of his kicks in Round 3, put him on his back, and slapped a guillotine on in record-breaking time....

....which Volkanovski miraculously escaped moments later, after squirming around like a heel in a sharpshooter, and then T-City locked in a friggin triangle - his finishing maneuver! 

….and Volk got out of that too! 

It was like watching a WrestleMania main event in real-time! False finishes left and right! I was just about ready to tear my shirt off in my living room!

God bless em - what a war. Incredible evening of fights from Vegas. Congrats to Volkanovski.