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The University Of Oregon Ducks Remain Cooler Than Cool After Andre 3000 And Big Boi Are Spotted In Student Section

If you’ve been around these parts in the last year, you know that we’ve reversed the stance that Zollo had on Outkast: “over rated rap group”.

Like Moe schooled him, and anybody with a brain realizes, they’re one of the greatest rap groups, and musical groups of all time.

We the people, are begging, and PLEADING, for a new album.

Rumors over the past few years had been that Big Boi and Andre had mutually agreed to go their separate ways and agree to disagree. Essentially saying peace out over personal and artistic differences.

Solo albums from Big Boi and artistic bereavement from Andre would further the truth.

But this picture tonight?

This gives us hope.

Here are two of the most funkdafied motherfuckers on the planet, live and direct, at the Oregon game, incognito in the student section.

Imagine going to watch your (now) 4-0 Ducks take (now) 0-4 Arizona to the wood shed and turning around and seeing these two sitting behind you? 

Haters, and losers, will say who the fuck cares?

Rap lovers, and music lovers know this is a big deal.

This is the first step towards a reunion album. The album we’ve all been waiting on since “Speakerboxxx/Love Below”.

Keep the faith

p.s.- props to this young buck for even knowing who the fuck these two were. 99% of kids today would have no clue since I don’t think Big Boi or Dre are on tik tok