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South Carolina's Head Coach And Football Program Spent All Week Complaining About My Blog, Kentucky Promptly Beats Their Ass (Again)

I'm gonna take a quick break from blogging about the Ryder Cup for this, because, well, it's been a week. A simple blog calling out South Carolina for that fucking screaming bird. I hate it. I hate it so goddamn much. I also hate how people don't realize Kentucky is a better program than South Carolina. They passed them and it's not a debate. Mark Stoops is 7-2 against South Carolina. That's Vandy-esque. Again, a basic blog here. 

Shane Beamer tweets about it, they turn it into a hype video. They are even asking people on campus about it. 

My mentions have been filled with South Carolina fans all week. From screaming at me, threats, shockingly no one bringing up Devan Downey. I'm glad. Because every single person in the state of South Carolina that isn't a Clemson fan spent all week worried about me. They forgot about the game. It didn't matter. 

It was ugly as shit. Kentucky scores a TD on the first drive and then it was just ugly. A bunch of turnovers but Kentucky went old school. Defense stepped up, refusing to let South Carolina score even on short fields. Then there was the call by Beamer that people are roasting him for.  Granted he was probably thinking about how many times he could get that screaming bird to be played again, but he decides to go for it on 4th and 3 from the Kentucky 25 when down 6. They don't get it. Not even close. Kentucky gets a field goal and because of that it felt like it was over no matter what. 

All I know is that's another win. That's a road conference win. That's a cover. Three checks across the board. So face it South Carolina, we're a better football program than you. Facts are facts. 7-2 under Stoops. Kentucky has finished better than South Carolina 5 of the last 6 seasons in the SEC standings. Fuck that bird.