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Jorge Masvidal Baptized Chris Jericho With A Flying Knee Last Night

American Top Team coach Dan Lambert has been getting involved in the action at AEW for a couple months now - slowly but surely bringing a roster of ATT fighters (such as Jorge Masvidal, Junior dos Santos, Andrei Arlovski, Paige VanZant, and Kayla Harrison) with him and cutting some RUTHLESS 80s heel style promos on the crowd - which has been extremely entertaining for a wrestling/mixed martial arts fan like myself!

Last night on AEW Rampage Grand Slam, Paige Van Zant and Jorge Masvidal got in the mix with Chris Jericho, and Jorge wound up baptizing Y2J with a flying knee, Ben Askren style!

Jorge actually hit that smooth as hell for a non-wrestler, and Jericho gave it the PERFECT sell job, if you're asking me!

Being this was actually taped on Wednesday and aired last night, I was able to bring it up to Dana White, and he got a kick out of the clip (which he watched for the first time mid-interview)....

(Skip to 8:58 to get right to Masvidal in AEW talk)