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The Superbowl Shuffle Has Been Bastardized By The Cleveland Browns Offensive Line

A few things here.

First off, this was written and produced by Michael Scarn correct?

Giphy Images.

Secondly, BOLD move by Alan Spitzer here to hire Joel Bitonio and Jack Conklin for this promo and remix the Super Bowl Shuffle. What an abomination.

But if we're being honest, it worked with flying colors. The spot is so bad it's good. If it's just a normal local business commercial then nobody outside of Northeast Ohio sees it or cares. But being that it's this awful, Coach Stefanski closed out the teams week on Friday by playing it and the offensive linemen's teammates were howling.

p.s. - how the fuck don't you go with Joel and rock and roll there?

p.p.s. - watch my guys show you how it's really done