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Europe Needs To Roll Over And Give Up After MJ Showed Up To The 1st Tee With A Cigar This Morning

Good luck, Europe. We already kicked your ass yesterday to take a 6-2 lead. We destroyed Ian Poulter's soul. We kicked Rory's ass to the point that Harrington benched him this morning for the first time he ever missed a session. Westwood looks, well, old out there. It was beautiful to watch. Hell, we did that with Justin Thomas looking like our worst player out there. That's how deep this team is. But now? Now we have Michael Jordan showing up. I know, I know. He never misses the Ryder Cup. But this is different. This is a team understanding a must win. This is a bunch of guys who would for sure talk shit more and more if they could. 

And if that's not enough Berger got things started with the US going 1 up and it's all because of one thing and one thing only. 

Hoodie Berger has a chance to get up there with Hoodie Melo. We're running it back with the same foursome teams as yesterday and frankly I love it. We need 4.5 points today as the goal. Get it to where we just need to go 4-8 in singles matches and you feel pretty damn good about it. As I type this, Hoodie Berger made another putt. 2 UP. Morikawa made a put, 1 UP. 

Back to Jordan, I love that he just rolls up with his cigar. Nothing else matters to him besides probably getting some action and recruiting guys to play his new course. He deserves a 7am cigar. Hell if US blows out Europe today, let MJ get a round in tomorrow. Sub him in for like Harris English and let him cook against Poulter. I'd love to see MJ mentally break Poulter one last time.