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Spittin' Chiclets Guide to Betting Hockey Part I: Rookie Camp

From Rookie to Savvy Vet in 10 Easy Steps:

Rookie Life: Steps 1 to 5

All great players were once a rookie and had to put in the time to one day dominate their game, whether it was on the ice or the casino floor.  The heroes out there that have been playing for years will mock a rookie but forget they were once in the same spot. Now, rookie duty is fine and all but, you must lean on the veteran leadership to keep winning. That is why the Chiclets Crew is here to help you win and learn the ropes in your rookie season. These steps below are the first installment of wager types to get you on your way, similar to always checking the water bottle tops at practice before you take a drink on the ice.

1. Moneyline Bets (ML)

These are the simplest bets to understand and are a great way to get into the sport of placing bets.  This betting type has been used dating back to when your Uncle Paulie was calling “his guy” on a rotary phone to place a bet on the Thanksgiving football games. Moneyline odds are based on the probability of a team winning. The odds are based on the bookmaker’s belief in who will win. There is no spread and just like Al Davis said “Just win Baby!!”

Example of Moneyline: Islanders vs. Rangers, The Borrelli Islanders are the favorite and the money line odds are -150. The bettor will bet $150 to win $100 if they believe the Isles will win. If you want to back the Rags because the goalie is on the Russian gas and the odds for the underdog are +130 then you bet $100 you stand to win $130. 

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2. Over / Under Bets (O/U)

This is a fun and easy bet for rookies. When talking about over/under this is the combined total of goals of the two teams playing. This is my favorite bet when I am going to a game with Whitney, because I know there is no chance he will witness a fun game, so the under always cashes. Besides the Whit exemption, all Barstool fans know because of Big Cat “Life is too short to bet the under!”

Example of Over/Under: Blackhawks vs Red Wings over/under (O/U) is 5.5. This means if you bet the over in the game there must be 6 total goals scored to win your bet. Hawks win 5-1 and you cash the ticket. 

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3. Parlays

A classic bet that combines 2 to 10 or even more bets to reach a massive payout.  The most common parlays are 2 to 3 teams and can be any combination of over/under, money lines, or puck-lines. It's a single bet but, you must win all games on the ticket to cash. Barstool Sportsbook has incorporated the Parlay+ feature which we will cover at a later step as you inch closer to being a savvy vet.

Example of a Parlay: You are looking at the board and you have found two games that you absolutely love, the Bruins -120 and the Avalanche -175.  The bigger odds scare you and you don't wanna lay the juice so you combine the two in a parlay knowing you are going to watch both games and if they both win you get a return of +190 while only risking $100.

4. Puck-line (PL) -1.5

Puck-Line bets are not for the risk-averse gambler. These bets are tougher to win but the payouts are usually juicy. This bet cashes when your team wins by 2 goals or more. This is the type of hockey bet that is similar to a spread in football. These bets offer odds that are as tempting as having a Pink Whitney at noon on a Monday. 

Example of Puck-line: Lightning vs Panthers PL +190. RA’s money is on the Tampa puck line and it is 3-2 late in the 3rd period. RA is currently standing 3 ft from his TV praying to the fictional character known as Puck-line Jesus. The Panthers have pulled their goalie and with 20 seconds left Stamkos crosses the red line and shoots it into the empty net. Bang! Tampa wins 4-2 and RA is heating up! (95% chance this is a true story).


5. 3-way, Regulation Only (#murleyspecial)

This bet type is massive in Europe and draws the most questions. The 3-way betting is most used in soccer where there are actually three bets available. A bettor can pick a team to win in regulation which in hockey is 60 minutes or bet the teams will be tied at the end of 60 minutes. This bet does not include overtime or penalty shots. Since there is no overtime and the tie is available a bettor can usually find odds more favorable.

Example of 3-way:  The first official $EBR trip with Chiclets was to a game in Philly. Whit knows I always have action on games and after a few, he leans in and says “Murls what are we thinking?” Gambler lingo for who are we hammering tonight?  With the confidence provided by some Pink Whitney, I say draw. The look received is of a cat thief and we check the BSS app and see +310. So the crew is all on the draw and as we do it every day the draw hits with the teams deciding 60 minutes is not enough.  So for now this is now known as the #murleyspecial

You now have completed Rookie Camp, follow these first 5 steps, and make sure to check back for steps 6 through 10 next week. As the new NHL season is quickly approaching we want everyone to be ready to have celebrations like the one below next time they watch a hockey game. Notice how much fun it is when Everybody Rides!!!

*Always gamble responsibly.

Twitter: @mattmurley19

Instagram: murls_ebr