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White Sox Fans Are Blacking Out Sox Park For The Playoffs


"The Chicago White Sox became American League Central Division champions for the first time in 13 years, and the team is asking fans to attend October playoff games dressed ready to win.T

"We are going to be asking all of our fans to wear black," White Sox Chief Marketing Officer Brooks Boyer told NBC 5. "We want to have an atmosphere that is going to really get our guys charged up, so it's going to be a blackout at the ballpark. All October wear black, support your White Sox."

There were no less than 500,000 White Sox fans at the last "blackout" game in 2008. Just ask around, every Sox fan will tell you they were there for it. 2005 World Series aside, it's most living Sox fans favorite game. The Twins were the biggest pain in the ass of all time back then. Morneau, Mauer, Punto, Joe Nathan. Complete MOTHERFUCKERS in the best way possible. I LOVED hating those Twins teams.

The game itself? It was incredible. If I recall correctly, John Danks got his absolute teeth kicked in all season against the Twins, and this was back when Danks was looking like he could be a cornerstone rotation cog prior to tearing up his arm. That wasn't the case in the Blackout Game though. He cruised through 8 innings, 2 hits and rung up Mauer and Morneau on strikes 3 times in 6 total plate appearances against him. Thome's BOMB sealed it. 

The atmosphere was incredible though. INCREDIBLE. And we're gonna run it back. Sox Park is going to be a sea of black and it's going to be LOUD. I want the fans to be so loud that Astros' pitchers are shitting their pants anytime they're in a full count or have runners on but that is an easy ask. Sox fans will have that stadium ROCKING. 

Let's fucking ride. I cannot wait until October. Cannot fucking wait. Gotta have the Sox rocking the City Connect jerseys too

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