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Finally, Some Drama! Big Brother 23 Week 11 Power Rankings

The first true blindside of the season comes in the... Final Four? That's right. Better late than never, they say, and that is certainly the case here. Once The Cookout alliance had no choice but to turn on each other, this was bound to happen. But I think the aftermath of last night's eviction got much more heated than people think. First, a broad recap of everything that went down this week:

Head of Household (HOH): Xavier

Pre-Veto Nominees: Azah and Kyland

Veto Winner: Xavier

Post-Veto Nominees: Azah and Kyland

Evicted: Kyland (1-0 vote)

Right after Derek F. chose to evict Kyland, things got very intense. Take a look:

WOW. I don't think anyone expected things to escalate that quickly, especially from a pair of guys who seemed to have a ton of respect for each other throughout the season. But when you bring family into the game conversation, that certainly changes the situation.

Now, to our final edition of power rankings for the season. Let's just state the obvious first: if Xavier is sitting in the Final Two, he wins the game. Plain and simple. 


3. Derek F. (last week: 3) - It took a ton of convincing, but eventually Derek F. finally agreed to being the one who would singlehandedly evict Kyland from the game. I don't think it is possible to win Big Brother without winning one competition, but I have been wrong before.

2. Azah (4) - Azah's lone competition win this season was a MAJOR missed opportunity for her. She was the HOH in the Final Five, and instead of targeting Xavier and/or Kyland, the nominees ended up being Derek F. and Hannah. We even saw in the jury segment on last night's show that the jurors didn't like the move, and unfortunately for her, that was her only chance to move the needle with her resume.











1. Xavier (1) - That's how big the drop off is here. I think everyone would agree that Xavier will win the game if he can survive the final eviction. The other two houseguests do not have a resume that is remotely close to his. It would be a very well-deserved victory. He is just two legs of an HOH competition away from locking it in.


16th place: Travis

15th place: Frenchie

14th place: Brent

13th place: Whitney

12th place: Christian

11th place (Juror No. 1): Britini

10th place (Juror No. 2: Derek X.

9th place (Juror No. 3): Sarah Beth

8th place (Juror No. 4): Claire

7th place (Juror No. 5): Alyssa

6th place (Juror No. 6): Tiffany

5th place (Juror No. 7): Hannah

4th place (Juror No. 8): Kyland