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Giannis Continues To Show Why He's One Of The Most Beloved Superstars On Earth

Andrew D. Bernstein. Getty Images.

It feels safe to say that Giannis is entering this upcoming season coming off one of the most historically dominant postseason runs we've ever had. Everything about that run probably still feels like a dream to Giannis and Bucks fans everywhere. Even for people like me, who do not give a shit about the Bucks and their success, couldn't have been happier for that player, franchise, and fans. It was a weird experience to watch where you really didn't have a problem with who won the title. That's pretty rare. 

During that run it became clear that Giannis is one of the few superstars we have in any sport that for the most part is universally loved. I mean does anyone truly not like Giannis? It feels impossible, and today was the latest example of why that is. Coming off everything he just accomplished this past season and how much he's already achieved by age 26, who could blame Giannis for being a little cocky. Instead? We get this


Think of how rare that is to see from a player of Giannis' stature. The best part is you know it's genuine. Stuff like this isn't an act when Giannis says it. Obviously with the ESPN/SI Top 100 lists coming out, a lot of people have spent the last few days arguing over where players are ranked. The fact that the one guy who might have a legit case to be considered the best player in the league right now wants nothing to do with that shit is pretty damn refreshing to see. Just compare it to a certain someone who got a little upset when something similar came out last month

You think LeBron would ever give a quote like Giannis did in that answer? No chance. What separates Giannis isn't just his insane skill level and ability to play with dominant force. It's that he's self aware. He remains humble no matter what awards he wins or even after a title. It feels a little dramatic to say, but he's kind of the perfect superstar. He works on his game to turn his weaknesses into strengths. He shows up in big moments and he put the team on his back and delivered a championship. Isn't that everything we want out of our superstar players? 


As far as I'm concerned, the Bucks are playing with house money next year. That's the benefit of winning the title. Giannis doesn't need to prove shit. He reached the top of the mountain with a historic Finals performance. He's answered every question people had about his ability to be a #1. 

If you ask him though, he'd probably tell you he's nowhere near good enough.