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Bryson DeChambeau Just Nuked A Ball 417 Yards To Leave Him 72 Yards On A Par 5

Unfuckingbelievable. The guy just destroys golf balls. It's not exactly news, but I'm not sure it's been taken advantage of in such a way like it just was. Sure, I was there at Bay Hill earlier this year and witnessed him take an absurd line on the iconic 6th hole there:

But this is an entirely different stage and different situation. Part of the design of that Bay Hill hole is that it forces you to decide how much you want to try to bite off. What he did here is not even supposed to be possible. That's a layup area for 2nd shots. The way the tee markers are oriented tells you everything about how ridiculous this was. And for him to do it on such a big stage.... unreal. Bryson turning heads, as per usual.