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Fellas, We Cummin From Our Butts And Taking Dumps Through These Meaty Dicks? At Least One Man Is And He's Braver Than The US Marines

A man spent two years nutting out of his butthole before seeking help, in a case that perplexed and impressed researchers.  

In a study titled “A Curious Case of Rectal Ejaculation,” published last month in the Cureus Journal of Medical Science, a team from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston describe a patient who sought out treatment after five days of pain in his balls—and two years of "a substantial amount" of semen shooting out of his rectum.

When the 33-year-old man went in for a CT scan of his pelvis, doctors saw that he had a rectal-prostate fistula, a rare condition where the body develops a hole that connects the rectum with the lower urinary tract and creates all kinds of problems (like shit in one's piss and vice versa). In this man's case, the hole created a new passageway for his sperm to travel; instead of flowing out of his dick, as he might expect, it took a hard left out of his anus.

My friends, I've been in the butt and nut business for a while now. Ive read articles, blogs, medical journals, and a litany of other sources that would make your head spin if I told you. Well, it's TikTok. Ive seen a lot of tiktok videos. Anyway, when a story comes up about someone cumming from their asshole (and I'm not talkin prostate goofin),  I pay attention. I pay close attention and this article from vice shows why. 

Just one simple anus mishap and lead you into a world the likes of which have never been seen. You can be sitting there on the toilet, thumbing through videos, and all of a sudden you got pleasure mashed potatoes exciting your butt. Did you just cum? Felt like a cum. Was it cum? So, what else can you do but reach in the ole toilet and see if the stuff is sticky or smells like old shrimp? Alas, the texture and smell have been compromised by the toilet water. Foiled again. GOD DAMN WATER!

Thinkin it was just one-time thing, you try to let it go. Thinkin about letting go makes you need to rip a mother-effing piss. So you go in the bathroom, pull that cock out, push and wouldnt you know it? Shit. Shit from the dick and cum from the butt. Bathroom worlds are colliding, jerry. The worlds are colliding.