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Insane Video Of A Military Plane Swerving In And Out Of Buildings In Brisbane, Australia

Source - In a video posted to the unofficial U.S. Air Force subreddit on Thursday, you can watch as an RAAF C-17 zooms between skyscrapers in Brisbane, Australia, while some enthusiastic onlookers drop some very colorful commentary behind the camera. The fly-by, which happens regularly as part of the annual Sunsuper Riverfire festival, was a practice run ahead of the formal event scheduled to take place on Saturday, according to a RAAF press release.

The C-17 flyby has taken place at each festival since 2017, according to The Aviationist, and every year a round of videos of the wild stunt make their way onto the interwebs, where they amaze and impress viewers near and far.

Military blog! Kind of...more of a "wow that's a crazy video and it's Friday so there's not really any internet blog", but that's neither here nor there. The fact that the Australian military is casually running these sorts of drills is mind blowing. Granted I don't know anything about them but they seem, for lack of a better word, "risky." Here's what an American C-17 pilot had to say...

“If the crew’s timing is off or if they are slow to react, the jet would collide with a building. Very risky,” said the pilot, who spoke anonymously as he was not authorized to speak with the press.

For that reason, U.S. C-17 pilots must fly 1,000 feet above structures in populated areas, he explained. There is a special approval process for doing flyovers for sporting events, but even then, they cannot fly below the tops of buildings.

“Those Brisbane videos are insane,” the pilot said. “We could never do something like that in the USAF. If we did, we would lose our wings immediately — never fly again.”

Suspicions confirmed. The good news is, they warned residents before the fly through. Which is more than the Latvian military can say who just last week ran a full blow military exercise in the capital city of Riga without telling residents...

The video...

If you listen back you can hear kids screaming in the background. Thank god we live in the US. Imagine walking out of your house and seeing war games? No thanks. 

For some reason I'm self conscious writing this blog even though I ran it by Chaps so I'm going to end things here. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend, babes.