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Christian McCaffrey is Hurt, but Olivia Culpo Let Us Know They're Having Sex. So That's Kind of a Win.

That was a nice win for Carolina last night, obviously. But a Pyrrhic one at that. They lost two members of the secondary, safety Juston Burris to a groin injury and 8th overall pick cornerback Jaycee Horn to a broken foot on back-to-back plays. And prior to that, the second leading rusher in the league Christian McCaffery to this hamstring injury. 

How long he's expected to be out - after missing all but three games last year - it's too soon to tell. How much his loss will cost the Panthers and how much chaos it will cause in your Fantasy league, we'll find out in the weeks to come. What we may be able to confirm right now is that, whatever else is ailing McCaffery, it would appear lack of sex with his former Miss Universe girlfriend is not an issue. 

Source - Christian McCaffrey is having sex and Olivia Culpo doesn’t care who knows it.

Hours ahead of the Panthers’ Thursday night game against the Texans, the 29-year-old model and influencer reposted a parody video of the Panthers running back to her Instagram Story. 

A parody Instagram account posted an edited video of McCaffrey flipping into the end zone with the added text “first time getting laid in months.” ...

The parody video, posted by @fridaybeers, lists “getting catfished,” “$0 in my account,” “potential catfish” and “small d–k” as challenges McCaffrey jokingly managed to avoid. 

Well OK then. While I'm not entirely sure I grasp the joke of the video, that might just be because I'm still investing at least an hour a day to Norm MacDonald clips, so everything else pales in comparison. 

Regardless, the takeaway is that Olivia Culpo wants us to know that her S.O. is, in fact, getting laid. Their words, not mine. You don't repost a video of your honey talking about him getting laid without the intention of confirming it's true. 

Now the cynic might argue that seeing said boyfriend pull up lame with a non-contact injury shortly after you joked about taking him for a ride on the F-Train "for the first time in months," is not a great look. Some really tragic timing on that one, at the very least. And something that's going to give ammo to the old Mickey Goldstein philosophy of athletic training. 

I mean, last year he missed most of the season with ankle injuries, so people are going to talk. Not to mention the way Danny Amendola confirmed Culpo's prowess in the bedroom a couple of years ago:

And prior to their breakup, he had a reputation, however unfair, of being "injury prone." So while I'm not suggesting there's a cause-and-effect thing at work here, you connect the dots however you like. 

The bad news is McCaffery is hurt. The good news is, he'll have some more free time and not have to worry about getting ready for game days for quite a while. Not the worst trade off an injured superstar has ever had to deal with.