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We Go Deeper Into The Controller vs KBM Debate

BACKGROUND: A few days ago, a massive gaming debate ensued all because of one single Dr Disrespect tweet. To break it down simply, controller players and mouse + keyboard players do not get along. This is because controller has an added benefit known as "aim assist" which helps controller players aim and kill easier. This was initially created early on in first person shooter video games to gives players a slight edge.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have mouse + keyboard players that have much better precision and play speed than controller players. Once Fortnite and Warzone grew in fame, so did cross-platform games (the two playing against each other). To keep it fair and even, controllers remained having aim assist while mouse + keyboard players did not. 

In almost every scenario, controller players have an advantage in close range gunfights, whereas mouse and keyboard players have an advantage in long range gunfights due to their precision. 

The Clip Above

In the clip above, Tim switched from using Mouse and Keyboard to using controller and well....the shots were....interesting to say the least. If controller was "OP" (overpowered), Tim would've been frying everyone he faced. Just simply wasn't the case and the evidence is clear.

This clip finalizes the great debate! Both inputs are BALANCED. Who would've thought... On either input, it takes skill and time to master each. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and in the current + future gaming landscape, mouse and keyboard vs controller players will always be dueling.

But let's be honest this debate will never end and since the internet loves to argue, choose your allegiance below!

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