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The 1985 Bears Have Never Been So Utterly Disrespected

The more I talk about this the more at risk I am to say something disparaging about my colleagues so I'll be brief and say this is the single most ridiculous green screen usage I've seen from Barstool Chicago. Maybe even the entire internet. I go to the Ryder Cup for one day and this is what the office falls apart into. Just a preposterous take on the shuffle from a rhythmically challenged group of guys. Maybe that's the nicest way to put it. 

Do you have an opinion on it? Share it with me in person this Sunday at the Hollywood Aurora Casino where we'll be promoting the single greatest odds boost in sports wagering history. That's a no bullshit promise right from the butcher's ass. 


We'll be out in Aurora all day slinging cold ones and good times and +1985 odds boost for new time registrants because we know what the people want, provided you make it to Aurora. 

Click this link for directions.