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Barstool Arizona Smokeshow Of The Day: Phil The Thrill

LORDY! The boys in the Phoenix office sure are going to be loving this one. 

There honestly needs to be a law about being this hot. It seems like it would be an endangerment to the public. Just imagine going out for a little stroll through downtown Glendale. All of a sudden, Phil the Thrill comes strutting by whilst wearing a white Kachina sweater. You've got people fainting in the streets. You've got 40-car pile ups. You've got a full blown riot on your hands with everybody wanting to get themselves a little piece of the Thrill. 

Giphy Images.

I just never envisioned there would come a day when somebody looked better in this jersey than JR did. Boy was I wrong. 

Anyways, I know you perverts only ever care about the links to the Instagram on these blogs. So here you heathens go.