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Dave Portnoy & Big Cat Are Coming To Chicago (Technically Aurora) To Watch Justin Fields First Career Start

Massive promo this weekend out in Aurora that has everyone in Chicago wetting their panties in anticipation. It's the first complete takeover in Aurora since Waynestock in 1993 and there's no amount of words that can express my excitement. Like in high school when that one kid throws some random huge rager out of nowhere and it turns out to be the best party of the summer. That's Aurora this weekend. We're taking over the Hollywood Casino and it's going to be magnificent. 

Party aside though, we want to boost some odds and make it worth your while. That's why $100 on the Bears spread is paying out +1985 if you register with promo DAVE on the casino Wifi before Bears kickoff this weekend. I don't think we can honestly offer better odds or a better promo in anticipation of the greatest Bears watch party since 1985. 

Pres will be there. Big Cat. All Biz Pete & WSD and the rest of Barstool Chicago. I'll be handing out great tasting less fillings and defending my Snake Draft record and strategy. Never in my life have I been this confident about a Sunday Funday watch party. Come hang out and spread some All Gas No Breaks cheer. If you're lucky we might even have some milk to chug. 

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- Come to


from now until Bears kickoff to sign up for the #BarstoolSportsbook - Signup with code DAVE and bet the Bears spread up to $100 - Instead of -110 odds get them at +1985 (ILLINOIS ONLY)

Bet responsibly.