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Young Woman Rails Against The Patriarchy After Getting Completely Dominated On The Pool Table

I genuinely don't understand what this king did wrong here. Communication is a two way street and based on all the evidence at hand I think it's fair to say that everything he said he was going to do, he did. Where I'm from that's called integrity, being a man of your word, but let's go over this scenario step by step to make sure I'm not missing anything.

First, the DMs. She advertised in her own profile that she would buy the first round of drinks if someone beat her in pool. That's a fact. Our proletariat, with a keen eye for such details, took her up on that offer. At no point in their conversation did he claim this was a date. This was a Lakers-Kings game in mid-January, LeBron's flying into town to get the job done he's not hanging around and asking De'Aaron Fox what his other hobbies are post-game. The match was agreed upon and he showed up like Uncle Phil.


She didn't even get to chalk her cue and the game was over, finished, donezo. Now, the bet was to beat her in pool and she'd buy the first round. He collected his winnings and dipped. Probably had an 8:15 match at another pool hall across town. But, who knows, maybe he would have stuck around if there wasn't a camera in his face the entire 30 minutes.

You can even hear him say "Are you filming me?" in the video. Clearly when he's in the zone he doesn't care for the paparazzi all up in his business. It's like how comedians don't want crowds filming their new acts before they can record their special. This guy doesn't want any game tape on him out there so area scouts and future competitors can't get the drop on him. He's a big picture thinker and you simply can't knock the hustle. 

PS - Pool is very quietly the coolest sport we have as a race of humans. I've always been extremely jealous of people who are nasty on the cloth table. The precision, the finesse, the ability to bend space and time, it's like watching all my favorite point guards throw pinpoint bounce passes through traffic for a posterizing dunk. Many a high school summer afternoon were spent by the Mick Man watching the Black Widow mop up her competition on ESPN 2.