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'The Challenge: Spies, Lies And Allies' Week 7 Recap And Power Rankings: The Entire Cast Officially Pissed Off TJ Lavin

*Spoilers Obviously Ahead. Again, this is your warning* 

We're going to keep these blogs going. If we can't have No Quitters (RIPIP, send all complaints on Twitter) we're going to have the blog damnit. The Challenge is too damn good of a show to not be talked about. Each Thursday I'll drop one of these recaps and power rankings so we all can argue about America's fifth sport. I'll try to convince the other guys to do something from time to time because something tells me this season is going on for months. 

Ding Dong Brains final mistake 

See ya Fessy! Now I'm not 100% positive but that Instagram post turned tweet sure seems like a retirement. I'm sure it won't be, but he's so dramatic that he might be. Was it a weak ejection? Of course. It was basically a push and some slaps between him and Josh. There were no real punches. It wasn't CT vs Adam. But the fact is TJ probably was just sick of Fessy's shit and frankly all of Big Brother's shit. We all are. They are annoying as hell and ruined the show to go Big Brother style. He had to kick someone off and he looked at Josh and Fessy and just probably flipped a coin. Hard to blame him. I did love the true disappointed dad TJ talk where he warned Esther, scolded Josh and then booted Fessy. He didn't even just boot Fessy. He told him straight up he had 15 minutes to pack his shit. I don't think I can recall a time TJ announced the amount of time someone had to get out of the house. At least Fessy found something special in Mexico. 

It was a true old school Challenge episode feel

I do gotta give credit here since we tend to make fun of the show now. This was an old school Challenge episode just with worse characters. You had the dumb fight. You had the TJ showing. You had an hour episode (again). There was house drama, lying and everything else. It felt good to get back to the roots. This show is based on a few things - dumb fights, hook ups and people screwing up trivia. 

That said, get this Rage Cage out of my fucking face

We don't need to switch it up. The two best words on The Challenge are Hall Brawl. Not even a debate. Maybe they are saving it for later? But if this is the version of Hall Brawl we get this season, I'm going to angrily blog. Rage Cage is a dumb name. We don't need to change what's perfect. Needed to get that off my chest. 

Berna is pissing everyone off

Berna is about to be in trouble. They are alluding to too much shit with her and why CT wanted to leave the team. Yeah CT is a genius in the game and wants the game to fit him. But Berna is going after Amber, getting backstabbed by Emy and more going on. It's going to blow up in the next couple of episodes and I'm pumped for it. If you're going to be a rookie you need to be one of two things. Awesome at the game like Emanuel or you need to be an agent of chaos like Hughie. 

Fucking Emy

Emy beats Esther in the fake Hall Brawl and then immediately takes CT. Fuck this. Emy is beyond annoying. Calling him Uncle CT and Mr. TJ is chapping my ass. Need her to get thrown off the show or tossed in from the Agency. Please give us CT with someone solid. 

Josh cried

A lot. Duh. 


Bringing back some No Quitters special with the daily MVP/LVP vote. 

MVP - TJ Lavin

LVP - Fessy

Power Rankings


11. Jeremiah

10. Hughie

9. Nelson

8. Josh

7. Kyle 

6. Logan

5. Cory 

4. Ed

3. Devin

2. Emanuel

1. CT


11. Priscilla

10. Bettina

9. Big T

8. Nany

7. Amanda

6. Berna

5. Emy 

4. Ashley

3. Tori

2. Kaycee

1. Amber B.


11. Hughie/Berna

10. Jeremiah/Big T

9. Nelson/Priscilla

8. Cory/Bettina

7. Kyle/Amanda

6. Logan/Nany

5. Josh/Ashley

4. CT/Emy

3. Emanuel/Kaycee

2. Ed/Tori

1. Devin/Amber B

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