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Gronk's Big Mouth Gets Him Punished

"I actually watch tons of film. An overload of film. I will probably blame [Bucs vice president of communications] Nelson [Luis] over there. He asked me eight times to go on the show. I told him, 'It's not a good idea.' They always get me in that type of silly atmosphere, and that's what happened," Gronkowski said, joking. "Now Coach [Bruce Arians] threatened me. I don't get my vet day anymore."

Everyone can relate to a little joking out of context getting them in trouble at work or school. Gronk is no different. His little "I don't watch film" debacle has got him in a lot of trouble. I blame this on anyone who took Gronk seriously. As someone who says stuff with zero accountability and would never like to be held to things I will say in the future, taking Gronk seriously when he said that makes you look stupid. Gronk has talked about how he has studied film before. Gronk saying he doesn't watch the film is absolute B.S. Now you have him in trouble with his boss who's taking away his rest days. Funny Gronk man make everyone laugh Monday, now everyone make Gronk man sad because of no veteran rest day. The film has even been causing issues with his girlfriend.

 "Trust me, I watch so much film that my girlfriend gets mad at me. She friggin' throws s--- at me sometimes, I'm watching so much film," Gronkowski joked. "Sometimes I go home and she's like, 'You've been gone all day and now you're studying, you've got your iPad out,' and I'm like, 'Yeah, I've gotta get into it. I gotta learn.'"

Do you think it's funny that Rob's work life is interfering in his relationships? All because you guys got Gronk in trouble for his little film joke, now he's on his hands and knees asking for forgiveness while his coach and his girlfriend play tug of war with his free time. Gronk is stretched thin and now Brady is probably going to be yelling at him for the rest of the week at practice. Brady as your QB is probably like having a second girlfriend when it comes to film and practice. 

Leave the Gronk alone.