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We All Knew It Was Coming, Kevin Keirmaier Got Plunked By The Jays After Picking Up Their Pitching Card Last Night

We all knew this pitch was coming from the Jays staff, you knew it was. Down 7-1 in the 8th with Kevin Kiermaier up at the dish, he ate one right in-between the numbers. Square in the back. Strictly because he picked up a card that the Jays catcher dropped last night. To me it was fair game, if you don't want it being taken, don't drop it. The Jays felt another way. I wrote about it last night and said I wouldn't be surprised if KK got plunked, and of course it happened. Obviously Kevin didn't like it either, and I don't blame him. He knew it was going to happen though, especially with the score like that and late in the game. The benches emptied but nothing of substance happened. At least he hit him the correct way. In between the numbers, 93 in the back. Not near the head, not near the knees, quick and swift. It's still a bitch move though. I do agree the pitcher should have been tossed strictly because it was on purpose. You throw a baseball at someone on purpose you should be taking an early shower. It's a cowards move by the Jays if you ask me. 

I don't really get what the Jays are upset about. We all know you hit him on purpose. This wasn't a coincidence so you can't bitch and cry about it. They acted like children and then get upset after the fact. The real fact it was a bullshit move by the Jays and they would have done the same thing if they were in the Rays and Kevin Kiermaier's shoes, of course they would. Give me these 2 teams meeting in October, I need it now. CardGate is hot and heavy and I don't think it's over between these guys.