Iron Trials '84 Is A Must Try Game Mode In Warzone - Here's The Best Loadout to Use

Watch the video above for a 19 kill Iron Trials '84 win with my Stoner 63 Loadout!

This Stoner 63 build is a "must use" loadout in Iron Trials and regular Warzone. It recently got "nerfed," but you can't feel it at all. Within 75 meters this gun is an absolute laser beam and takes out squads crazy fast.

If you haven't tried Iron Trials yet, I would strongly encourage you to try it:

- Heartbeat has a less radius

- Loadout is $15k + no free loadout drops after first and 4th circle.

- Health is 2.5x the normal amount

- Stuns are 50% less effective 

As of right now it only exists in duos mode and it gets pretty sweaty. Find your best duo, have some good comms and teamwork and go for dubs. It's very refreshing playing this game mode and I hope they keep it in!