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J Cole Was Spotted Practicing With The Orlando Magic

I wouldn't be surprised if J Cole was in the back court with my guy Terrence Ross. He played in an African Pro league last year, H dropped an Album in May so he only needs to focus on basketball. I can see J Cole getting a chance I don't even care about the skills do you know how many people would show up to a game if he was playin. Especially the Magic they are rebuilding and what can this hurt. He never ha to play but the off chance that he does get in would be worth it. I am usually against all that shit just keep sports how they are we don't need to shake it up with artist and celebrities playing but Jake Paul is already doing it in boxing why can't J Cole try and make a splash. The curiosity is what I like and if it doesn't work get out of there. Its like the hypothetical everyone always asks is should Alabama play the worst NFL team. Alabama would get smoked but I would still like to watch it. Nothing surprises me anymore, still to this day nobody has ever told me how lightning bugs light up. How can they have their own electricity but I have to pay out the ass for mine. It really doesn't make sense.