The Timberwolves Shockingly Just Fired Their GM Right Before The Season And Karl-Anthony Towns Seems Pissed

Ronald Martinez. Getty Images.


I'll be honest, I have no clue what the Wolves are doing here. Training camp opens in a week and you're firing the man in charge? There has to be more to this story. Maybe the new ownership group wants their own guy or something? It's all very confusing because ya know Gersson Rosas just got approval to make the Pat Bev trade, he went through the draft and free agency yet now he's canned? Why not just do this at the beginning of the offseason then. But when it comes to this news, there's really only one thing that matters. This right here.

By now, you should know the drill. Sound the alarms!!

The Wolves have pretty much one priority, and that's keeping KAT happy. It's why trading for his best friend in D'Angelo Russell made sense. Whatever you have to do to prevent the day that KAT decides to say fuck it and demands a trade out of MIN, you do it. Does he seemed thrilled with the news? Does this give off the vibe that he feels the Wolves are a competent franchise worthy of having a player like him? There used to be a time in the NBA where when a guy had 3 guaranteed years (this year and 2 more) with no options that you would feel secure about him being on the roster long term. But now? That shit means nothing. Doesn't matter if you have 4 years left, 3, 2+1 whatever. Guys are demanding out left and right. What makes anyone think KAT will be different? Especially when the Wolves have been run like shit for the most part since he got there? 


You can bet your ass pretty much every team in the league will be in on the KAT sweepstakes if that day comes. He's in his mid 20s and is a blue chip player. Sucks defensively but whatever. This will not be a situation like with Simmons where nobody wants that dude. KAT can be a franchise altering player. Trust me, I know a thing or two about former MIN big man coming to your team and changing your life. 

Naturally, for my own selfish reasons, I'm all in on the Celts being in on KAT. They have the combination of salary+picks to make a competitive offer. I have to be honest though, my fellow internet friend and blogger Clem will also be hot on the case

I'll admit, that's a good start for the Knicks and their fans. Unless the Wolves bring back Kevin McHale to run the show, I am a little jealous of that advantage. You would think the Wolves would maybe run this by their franchise guy? Maybe make sure he doesn't find out about this on Twitter like the rest of us normal people. I dunno, that seems like a good place to start if you're about to nuke your basketball front office a week before the season. Based on his tweet, I'm guessing that didn't happen. Especially when THIS is being floated around as the replacement


I'll give Arod the benefit of the doubt. He's a baseball guy. Maybe he isn't aware of what a disaster Elton Brand was as head of the Sixers. If he wasn't, why did they hire Daryl Morey? The Wolves are gonna Wolves I guess. 

With how fragile superstar relationships have become in today's NBA, it's imperative you keep those guys happy. It might suck, but that's life in 2021. It appears that the Wolves have done the one thing they should have known not to do. Now it feels like it's only a matter of time before we get the KAT trade demand and when that happens, it's game fucking on.