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Extreme Bro Attaches Parachute To His Skin And Jumps Off Cliff, Is More Extreme Than You'll Ever Be


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*Pounds Red Bull, High Fives everything in sight*



See this is the problem with extreme sports. It will literally never end with these guys. You start by jumping out of an airplane, crazy yes but a lot of us have done it (I have, nbd), and then one guy jumps off a building and then the next guy jumps off a cliff and it keeps going on and on and on until someone is attaching a parachute to their fucking body and jumping off something. By next year we’re going to have guys attaching parachutes to their dickholes. People gaining a ton of weight only to lose it and so they can then use gross extra flabby skin as a human wingsuit when they jump off the side of a mountain. It never ever ends, just one upping until one, or all of them die. I bet this guy isn’t even having fun, he probably hated every second of that but it made a sweet Youtube video so he had to pretend like it was the coolest experience of his life. Just be yourself man, embrace lower levels of extreme and you’ll be significantly happier. Just look at me, you think I need to parachute to get the heart pumping? Fuck no. You know what extreme is for me? Extreme is going to Wrigley without suntan lotion or playing on All-Madden instead of All-Pro, or getting one of those extra extra large iced coffees at Starbucks, or taking a shot of Jameson instead of Fireball, that’s fucking extreme, get only my level, posers.