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South Carolina Has The Most Annoying Football Stadium In America And It's All Thanks To This Stupid Screaming Bird

There was a time that I truly hated South Carolina. That was mostly during my time in college when South Carolina kept beating us in heartbreaking fashion and derailing a season. But now? Kentucky dominates South Carolina and that's just a fact. 7 wins over the last 8 games. I expect to beat South Carolina, just like I expect to win on Saturday. But that's not the point of the blog. The point is to remind the world that South Carolina has the most annoying stadium in America. It's not even close. This dumbass sound. 

Trying to sound like Sir Big Spur. They play it all the fucking time. They play it so much that Rocky Top seems like it's barely played. It's just the worst. That sound through the stadium. Yeah, I'm sure South Carolina fans love it. The rest of America should hate it. It honestly ruins the cool thing they have with Sandstorm. 

At one point I was naive and thought when I was in Starkville that cowbells were the worse. Nope. That screeching sound. It doesn't matter how much bourbon you polish off, how many beers deep you are. That screeching bird tops it all. It's the most annoying thing in college football, which yeah, honestly makes college football. The traditions, gameday, everything. There's nothing like it. 

Once more let me just reiterate, fuck that bird. If there's a more annoying stadium let me know, but it's hard to top South Carolina.