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Spezia Forward Emmanuel Gyasi Scored Against Juventus and Then Did Ronaldo's Signature Celebration to Rub Their Faces In It

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Regardless of whether or not you're the biggest soccer person in the world, anyone can appreciate a good troll. Emmanuel Gyasi scored this great goal to level Spezia with Juventus and then pulled out Ronaldo's celly to absolutely demoralize Juve. It's not enough that those players and fans have had to watch the best player to ever suit up for their club go back to the Premier League and score four goals in his first three games, but now they've got Serie A opponents dancing on their grave. Tough scene.

I'm just glad Gyasi didn't get a yellow card or some dumb shit for celebrating an awesome goal, even if it was a middle finger to his opponent. That little number would get you 15 yards in the NFL nowadays, but they still let the boys play over in Europe. Roger Goodell could take some notes.

You just love to see the lads having some fun out on the pitch. Unless you're a Juventus fan, I guess.