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Megan Fox And Kourtney Kardashian Say Hello In Their New Underwear Ad


Good afternoon! How is everyone today? I'm doing ok. The website was broken as fuck this morning, so that was annoying. But we're back now. Full steam ahead. All Business Pete is currently doing naked pushups in the upstairs kitchen. Another day at Barstool!

Anyway, looks like Megan and Kourtney are bffs. We kinda saw this coming when Travis Barker and MGK started hanging out, but now they are full on best friends. We are a few days from purple hair and tik tok dances.



Skims n shit



I'm excited, over the moon, about the eventual downfall. The drama, the break ups, the backstabbing, the deceit. Should be internet drama for the ages that we haven't seen since….well…I've said too much already.