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Jon Gruden Thinks It's A Bunch Of Bullshit When People Make Fun Of Mark Davis' Hair

Jon Gruden is the type of friend everyone needs. One who will go to bat for you no matter what. There's no hesitation with his answer either. He hears someone making fun of Mark Davis' hair and it's go time. He won't be afraid to throw hands or at the minimum give a stern stare until you apologize. No one and I mean no one makes fun of Mark Davis' hair on Gruden's watch. Not now, not ever. Just look at them, two dudes who were destined to be best friends. 

I was always skeptical of the Raiders being in Vegas. I know they were in LA, but I just think Oakland. I think the Black Hole. But Mark Davis was made to be in Vegas. The guy drips Vegas with his style from head to toe. You think he care about his hair? Nope. It is what it is. That's a man comfortable in his own skin. Nothing screams power like not giving a shit if people make fun of your hair, no matter what your BFF says. I honestly love that they even asked the question. We're all thinking it, but good for them to address the haircut without beating around the bush. 

I don't care about the AFC West, my allegiances lie in the NFC East. So I want the Raiders to be good. I want Davis and Gruden in the playoffs. I want to see this all work out because frankly, it's hilarious. I'm a slave for blog content and the Raiders always give us that. Look at these dudes though. You can't put together a better pair. (h/t Post)

“I just blow dry it and it ends up like this. I don’t really have to comb it,” Davis said. “It’s not [my barber’s] fault with the hair. I force her to do it.”

And Gruden said that he shares a similar hair-care technique.

“We have the same hairstyle, so we got that going for us,” Gruden said. “We just get it dry and let it fly.”

This is how the Raiders win. It's not Derek Carr. It's not improving the defense. Nope. It's two dudes who rock whatever they want. Power and beauty all rolled into one. Just don't make fun of Mark Davis in front of Gruden.