If Ben Simmons Had An Ounce Of Integrity, He'd Apologize To Stephen A. Smith Right This Instant

At some point in life--doubtfully anytime soon but certainly at some point--Ben Simmons will look in the mirror and he'll finally take accountability for his shortcomings. At some point he'll realize that everything that has led him up to this situation has been his own doing, and he'll have a long list of people to apologize to. He'll have to apologize to Joel Embiid for wasting so many years of his prime. He'll have to apologize to the 76ers organization on a whole for refusing to just slightly work on the one little aspect of his game that the team has politely recommended he work on for years. He'll have to apologize to the city of Philadelphia for making each and every one of us look like total fools for defending him for so long. 

But most importantly, he'll have to apologize to Stephen A. Smith. Because you can hear in his voice just how disgusted and repulsed SAS is with the talent being wasted away right in front of us. Makes the man sick to his stomach. Violently ill. Because it has nothing to do with skill. It's just the fact that he's a heartless coward. Just an all-time "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed" from Stephen A. 

The only thing is that I need Stephen A to do a little more of that "he could be LeBron James if he just developed a free throw shot" talk and a little less of the "good luck to whoever gets him" talk. Do us a favor here and get that trade value back up a little bit. The world is filled with an incredible amount of stupid people. Just going by the numbers here, there are bound to be some dumb dumbs working in front offices across the NBA. So all you have to do is trick one of those dumb dumbs into thinking there's still some LeBron James in there somewhere. 

This is a good start...

...but I think somehow there might be a little more juice to squeeze out of there. 

Best way to call the bluff is with a bluff of your own.