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FACT: Mexican Boxers Love Their Mothers

After months of failed negotiations, and in front of their showdown on November 6th, Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant had a presser yesterday where the two men got to stand face-to-face for the first time.

Here's how it went...

Apparently, Plant said "motherfucker" during their verbal exchange, and Canelo took it literally, so he made it physical.

I love Big Cat's take on it, by the way...

Listen… I know that fights need to be promoted with a little more "flash" nowadays in order to capture the attention of an audience that has an unlimited amount of options vying for their attention.

But the possibility of a fighter either breaking an unwrapped hand or cutting an eye (which Caleb did) in meaningless scuffles like these pose a risk of fight-postponement that does much more damage than good.

I am going to watch this fight regardless, and maybe this mini-donnybrook drums up some broader interest for that audience I referenced earlier… But between COVID and promoters not being able to schedule the fights we want to see, I don't need any more factors fucking up my viewing schedule.

Take a deep breath, gentlemen… And save it for the ring where you'll actually get paid.



Outside of that, there is a big fight this weekend, and DAZN and I are hosting a little watch party in NYC for anyone who is interested since quarantine rules made my presence in London nearly impossible to pull off.

Also, I am on DAZN's Ak & Barak Show later this week as a guest analyst for AJ vs Usyk and have a sit down with Joshua for The 13th Round that will air on Friday with a breakdown of the whole card.

Take a report.