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Portland State Fans Drank Over $14k Of Beer After Its Head Coach Promised To Pick Up The Tab For Whoever Showed Up To Its Last Game


This was the update I was waiting for. I blogged about Portland State's head coach Bruce Barnum's offer last week. Whoever showed up to Portland State's game on Saturday and mentioned they heard about the free beer offer, they didn't have to pay. 

Credit to Barnum too. First, he's a fan of Barstool. Love hearing that. Second, he followed through. Made a joke about it all, had Portland State name the beer garden for him and then picked up the tab of nearly $15,000. Remember we're talking Portland State playing Western Oregon here. Not like it was a big time game. Over 2,000 beers is pretty solid for that sort of game, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't hoping to see something closer to 100k. Needed a bunch of students and fans going all in and pounding beers. 

If Portland State has a brain they should keep the beer garden named Barny's Beer Garden. It's a solid ass name. Barny screams football guy too. That's a for sure offensive lineman that may or may not have shit themselves just for an advantage once or twice during a game. Bet you get a few extra fans once word of Barny's Beer Garden gets around Portland instead of just 'Vikings Beer Garden' or whatever it was before. 


Kind of appreciate how there were just two options. Clearly these are the sponsors and what not, but I low key love the thought of Barny walking in and saying I don't know give them a light beer and an IPA. That'll cover it. Anything else, buy it on your own. 

PS: I see you Coach Barney going with the 69 on the Twitter handle.