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It's Bullshit To Get A Yellow Card For Celebrating A Goal By Mocking The Opposing Manager Who Once Said You Have 'No Brains'

If you've read my stuff before you know I'm incredibly pro shit talking and taunting. It's part of sports. You shouldn't be penalized especially if you do something good. Well here we have Mario Balotelli scoring a goal for Adana Demispor today over in Turkey. More importantly he scored a gaol against Besiktas, who is coached by Sergen Yalcin. Why does that matter? Because of this missed goal back in 2013. 

Yalcin was working as a commentator and said Balotelli has no brains. Pretty bold statement and one that would arguably piss off well, anyone. So eight years later Balotelli responded the only proper way. Score a goal, mock Yalcin. Honestly a pretty hilarious celebration and well deserved. Under no circumstances should you get a yellow card for celebrating goals. In fact this should be encouraged. Don't want him to celebrate, don't let him score. If someone makes fun of you, you have every right to respond. 

Give me more of this and not the buddy-buddy bullshit after getting annoyed.