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This 11-Year Old Kid Who Drilled TWO Hole In Ones During A Tournament Has Officially Peaked As A Golfer


[Golf Digest] - Jake Martinez, an 11-year-old from Tucson, made two holes-in-one on Saturday at the Palm Springs Open, a U.S. Kids Golf tournament. According to the National Hole In One Registry, the chances of that happening are 1 in 67 million.

It was the first round of the two-round tournament at Weston Mission Hills, and Martinez hadn’t started off with his best stuff. He double bogeyed the first and the third holes. Standing on the fifth tee, he had 95 yards to the pin. He turned to his caddie.

First off shout out Jake Martinez. I don't care the distance, you drill two aces during a tournament when you're 11, you deserve the credit. Second, shut it down. He's officially peaked as a golfer. I don't care if he goes on to make the PGA Tour. Two aces and the world finding out? Yeah, that's it. It doesn't get cooler than that. I've been playing this beautiful, frustrating ass game for 25+ years and have gotten close twice in my life to an ace. Once at Legendary Run here in Cincinnati on hole 11 and once at Sharon Woods. There's nothing like the moment where you think you have a shot. You see the ball land, start to roll. Your legs get a little weak, the heart starts racing thinking there's a chance it's going to roll that extra foot. I can't imagine the feeling of seeing it actually roll the extra foot and going in. 

Arguably more impressive was the fact he started struggling too. A double bogey on two of the first three holes? Me at 34? That means it's time to crack a beer faster. You start mentally checking out and just praying to play bogey golf the rest of the way out. Just give me anything to build on. But Jake Martinez steps up and listens to his dad. That I would say is the most impressive part of this all. Nobody wants to listen to their dad on the golf course. It doesn't matter how good they are, it's tough as hell when your dad tells you to club up. 

11-years old and drilling two aces. Unreal. Honestly I'm glad there's not video of this. I already know I'm a failure at this sport. Hell, I'm just a blogger. I'm still trying to explain to half my family exactly what I do AND how I get paid for it. I don't need to see a kid who was born after I graduated college to rub it in my face. Congrats or whatever though. Time to hit the range.