Scott Gomez Gives The Green Light For All The Beer Leaguers Out There To Touch The Stanley Cup

If you're a hockey player, you're always taught as a kid that you don't get to touch the Cup unless you win it. Now sometimes, that's more out of respect for the accomplishment. You honor how much it takes for guys to live out the dream of hoisting that Cup over their head, and you don't feel worthy enough to touch it yourself. 

But for the most part, it's just another weird little superstition to add to the massive list in the hockey world. You don't touch the Cup if you're a kid because the goal is to touch it for the first time after you win it. 

The thing is that...well...this is tough to say. But the thing is that a lot of us are washed up. A lot of us never even had a shot to begin with. A lot of us can barely win a game in our C division beer league hockey team, let alone have a shot at winning the Stanley Cup. So once you reach that age or that point in your career where you know damn well you'll never actually be winning the Cup? Well Uncle Scotty is here to say you can feel free to put your greasy paws on that bad boy all you want if given the opportunity. 


That's huge for all of us beer league heroes out there. I feel like deep down, we've always wanted to touch the Cup but nobody wanted to be the first shmuck to do it. Now that we've got the green light from a guy whose done the damn thing before? All bets are off. If you ever get the chance to touch the Cup in your life, take full advantage. I might just always carry around a beer on hand now just because you never know when that opportunity will present itself to gas one out of Lord Stanley. 

Thanks, Gomer.