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Gronk Admitting He Doesn't Watch A Lick Of Film Is Why He'll Forever Be The People's Athlete

Do you think that George Washington watched film before he went out to beat the piss out of the Red Coats? Not a goddamn chance. Granted, he probably spent a decent amount of time strategizing but he sure as heck wasn't breaking down film. And why is that?

Because he wasn't a nerd. 

The world of sports has gotten so damn nerdy over the years. It started with film, then there was individual player performance tracking and analytics and all that other nonsense that you need a PhD to understand. But at the end of the day, athletes get the job done. And the end of the day, whoever is bigger and faster and stronger is going to come out on top. 

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Gronk is the people's athlete. He spends all day at practice. You're not sending him back with homework to watch before the big game. He's not going to waste any free time watching film. He'll be watching cartoons, maybe making some pillow forts, and riding his bike around town until it gets too dark out and he gets called home for dinner. And then on game day he just goes out there and runs past his because he doesn't need no stinkin' film to know how to do that. 

And obviously when you don't do your homework, it always helps when you can just cheat off the kid like Tom Brady next to you. 

Sidenote: Gronk's dog is a ride or die. Even Ralphie G knew he was doing a little too much tattling on himself there and it was time to stop talking about film. Step in with a few barks to change the subject. What a legend.