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Cowboys Fans Had A Royal Rumble Outside The Chargers New Stadium On Sunday Which Resulted In A Bunch Of Fans Getting Thrown Into A Lake

I had to double check the score from Sunday to make sure the Cowboys won because a bunch of fans of the same team fighting each other is almost always the move of losing fans. I guess you can make a case that the Cowboys haven't truly won an NFL season since 3 years before CeeDee Lamb was born and the refs won that game for Dallas as much as any of the 53 Cowboys did (KenJac's words not mine!) Nonetheless, it's rare you see a full blown fanbase brawl each other let alone a full blown fanbase brawl each other after a win.

However despite the fists of fury being thrown by what seemed to be unlimited Cowboys fans respawning every five seconds, I have to tip my cap to the real star of that video: The water. The cameraman asked for someone to get thrown into the drink as soon as he pressed record and I sat on the edge of my seat waiting to see someone take a literal bath. There were a few close calls along the way but it looked like Chekhov's water would not be breached and send us all home disappointed like, well, a bunch of Cowboys fans.

However, not only did we get a few people dunked underwater but we also got a chick proving how ride or die she was by attempting a frog spalsh on these two gladiators, in an attempt to give Dak Prescott his first ever W in a viral fight video.

LA is an extremely underrated sports fight city, which is why I am thrilled they put their new stadium next to a manmade lake. Now wait we will have 20+ NFL games a year where there is a chance a brawl spills into the water. Everyone keep your heads on a swivel and your phones out ready to hit record because premium content is coming back now that fans have returned to stadiums around the world.