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BREAKING: TimTheTatMan Joins Complexity As A Streamer And Part-Owner

WILD - this was a team not many people were expecting Tim to join but it's a phenomenal gaming organization that's been around forever. ALSO, Jerry Jones is an owner of the organization - It was right in front of us this whole time!

I'm currently watching Tim's stream on YouTube and he also announced that he's part-owner of Complexity as well.

Tim didn't want to join an org unless it made sense for him because he's been wildly successful on his own throughout his career. As a massive Cowboys fan, being partners will Jerry Jones is a sweet added bonus. 

This Sunday Tim will be doing a meet and greet with fans at The Star in Frisco. The future looks very bright for Timmy Tenders. Huge congrats to him! However, my whole life is now a lie.