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Bo Burnham Got Robbed At The Emmys By Hamilton AKA The Most Overrated Play Of All Time

Unbelievable. The Emmy's were on last night, and while the entire show was a cringe/snooze fest, one shining light was the fact that Bo Burnham's quarantine special, "Inside" was nominated for the Best Variety Special. No brainer, right? He bought all of the equipment, he edited, did lighting, wrote songs, acted, and produced one of the most unique and interesting specials I have ever seen. But...instead the award went to...a filmed version of a play that came out in 2015? Fuck off. 

Hot take, I'm not a Hamilton person. I never got to see the original play because it costed an arm and a leg to go see it, and then it became one of those things that was SO overhyped, I knew I was destined to hate it. I love musicals, so I listened to a few songs to hype myself up to eventually see it once it came out on film, but I ended up not even caring enough. It's old news, it won its awards, now everyone can jerk off to it on Disney+ for the rest of time.

Does it deserve ANOTHER award? IMO, no. It won a PULITZER PRIZE for Drama. It was nominated 16 times at the Tonys, winning 11 awards. It's a play. The Tonys is where it belongs. If they turned it into a true TV series? Sure, maybe I would understand it being at the "TV awards." But the filmed version of the play, winning this award over Bo Burnham's unusual, emotional and hysterical special is a complete insult. 

Extremely disappointed. Watch "Inside" if you haven't already, it's fantastic and four trillion times better than Hamilton.