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The Bears Reportedly Offered The City Park District 20% Of Revenue Generated By A "Sports Betting Lounge" In Soldier Field And The City Told Them To Fuck Themselves

In exchange, Phillips offered the Park District 20% of the revenue generated from the advertising in this space, according to emails.

But the offer from the Bears was met with a short, brusk statement from the Park District’s leader, who said the organization had been considering the implications of the legalization of sports betting in Illinois, which Democratic Gov. JB Pritzker signed into law in June 2019.

At this time it would not be productive to pursue the opportunities outlined in your letter,” Kelly wrote to Phillips on Nov. 6, 2020. “Additionally, my team is working on a comprehensive design for the park and open space adjacent to the North end of Soldier Field. We will certainly consider your thoughts and opinions at the appropriate time as the project moves forward.”

Well this is good news if you like the idea of the Bears playing in the Suburbs. When you've got partners like the City Of Chicago, who needs enemies? I mean the city is flat broke and the Bears are basically offering them free additional money to be made off the gambling space in gambling's biggest sport and the City said "thanks, but no thanks and also fuck yourself". 

It's honestly hard to blame the Bears for looking at other options at this point. This isn't just posturing by the City. This is the City being seemingly intentionally difficult because they can. This email exchange between Ted Phillips and City Park District officials happened on Nov 6th of LAST YEAR. This isn't the city being petty about the Arlington Heights bid. No. This is the City being petty for the sake of being petty. At least that is how it reads. 

This is one those situations where it's nearly impossible to pick sides. I mean on one hand you've got Mayor Lightfoot, aldermen, and City government who seemingly make everything worse. On the other you've got Ted Phillips who has a similar resume. The fans are caught in a bizarro world divorce custody battle. Do you want to go live with your dad in a BEAUTIFUL mansion in a new town, but he abuses you. OR do you want to stay home with your mom in a smaller home where you are also abused. Impossible choice, but that is where we are right now.