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Tom Brady Owns The Falcons

Tom Brady is now 9-0 against the Falcons after a historic 5 TD 0 INT performance from the GOAT. It started off going right down the field and playing pitch and catch with his buddy Gronk.


It was so much fun, they did it again in the 2nd Quarter.

We then saw Mike Evans get into the action with two TDs of his own. What I love about Mike Evans is he's such a cool guy, of course, prioritize a kid, but if there isn't one in sight, give it to an adult! Just because we're older, doesn't mean we can't get excited and have fun too!

But credit where credit is due, the Falcons stuck around for a bit and actually cut the lead to three at 28-25. But then Tommy had to let the Falcons know that he just doesn't lose to them, throwing his 5th tudder of the game.


The defense then put the icing on the cake with not one,

but TWO pick sixes by Mike Edwards.

And to top it all off, my Bucs best bet hit with ease today. 

Another W. I love this team