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Mike Tomlin Is KILLING Me With His Decisions To Punt On 4th & Short

I love Coach T, but damn am I beyond tired of these calls that we continue to see time and time again from him in these situations. 

What drives me even more nuts is he constantly preaches "we don't live in our fears" yet consistently when faced with 4th and very short not at an insane position on the field he sends the punt team out there to play for field position - when in all reality he just doesn't want to get stuffed which sounds a lot in fear.

If it's the second quarter and you've been trading blows so know maybe the offense isn't quite in sync so you want to pin your opponent back then fine. I can be ok with not keeping the offense on the field. But we've seen twice in the last three games going back to the playoff loss against Cleveland where the Steelers were down with limited time remaining in the game - not the half - the GAME, have faced a 4th and short right around midfield or just short of it, and he punts it away. 

I'd rather go down swinging than keep the bat tucked between my legs and concede to the opponent. You have more job security than anyone in the league, Coach T. Come on man, if you get stuffed you get stuffed one time. No decisions are going to be made off that. Your livelihood isn't on the line. Take a chance, keep your foot on the gas, and go.