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It Wouldn’t Be A Browns Home Opener Without An All Out BRAWL In The Muni Lot

Quick peak into how working here for so long has poisoned my brain. I’ve seen so many fight videos over the years that this initial scrap between Big T and White Sox Dave didn’t even register as real fisticuffs. Just two fellas aggressively hugging more or less.

Then the peacekeeper interjected and absolutely no one was having his shit. No one cared for his wisdom in that moment. No one was satiated by that first dust up and everyone collectively decided they were already in the mood for fightin’ so fightin’ was a must. And boy did this ramp up QUICKLY. A whole birthday gathering, RUINED. Grill smashed like a Buffalo folding table. Mercedes in the background pondering how many wrong turns they took. Joint-wielding cameraman far too elated to inform everyone of his job well done.

Starting to make sense why the cops were trying to curtail the alcohol consumption today.