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Trevor Lawrence And The Jaguars Start Fast And Then Get Stuck In Mud So Thick You'd Think The Offensive Line Was Five Artax-Style Dead Horses


This game started in the exact way I would have drawn it up. It was a nice 11-play, 6-minute series with several 3rd downs converted. It ended with the throw above. After starting 3 and out with a couple of penalties on the opening drive last week, it was a big improvement. 

But, that was about the end of the good notes for the game. The offense has ZERO identity and flow. It seems like the game plan was a short throw on first, 2nd down run,  and then a 3rd down throw like 25 yards down the field. There were more drops that ended drives and no creativity was shown all damn day. It's frustrating but that's the growing pains of a young team. 

The defense did better than I expected. They bent a ton but never really broke like they did last week. The issue is that besides Josh Allen, there are really no difference makers. Nobody that the offense has to game plan for. It's just a bunch of dudes who are average at best. Another game without a turnover and they weren't ever really close to forcing one. Teddy Bridgewater looked comfortable all day and the WRs beat the breaks off the secondary. On the few plays where the secondary "won" the play, defensive pass interference probably should have been called. 

Josh Lambo fucked the Jaguars today. Leaving 6 points on the field isn't something that can happen for this team. He makes those and it's a different game in the second half because they can really try to run the ball which they still aren't doing enough. Lambo just flat-out stinks which is odd. He was lights out for a few seasons but has the yips. As soon as he missed the one going into the half, he dropped his head in defeat. Yips city. He legit might get cut tomorrow. 

Oddly, this game was an overall improvement from last week. I'd say it was a large improvement too. There are things to clean up and build on. Drops have gotta stop. Trevor actually took off and picked up some yards with his feet. That was good. James Robinson showed he needs to be used more. There weren't as many unforced errors. The Broncos are much better than the Texans and the Jaguars looked better. But, the Jaguars have got to find some sort of identity. They have no idea who they are on offense. None. The defense is just bad so I'm not sure that will change because the personnel isn't good but I dont think that's the case on offense. They just need a better game plan. 

Anyway, the Jaguars have lost 17 games in a row. That's bad and that will be 18 next week against Arizona and the Kyler Murray Show. Not great. 

Oh well. Go Jaguars

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