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What's The Punishment For Spitting In Your Opponent's Face During A Pandemic?

I've seen Roger Goodell drop the hammer on players for plays that were considered clean by the referees, malfeasance that was never brought into a court of law, or for how much air was in a football during a 45-7 drubbing (Kensil's a bitch). Which is why I can't imagine what the owner's meat shield is going to hit Trai Turner with for spitting in another player's face during a pandemic where a positive test can wipe out an entire team and lead to a forfeit the following week.

The NFL slaps franchises on the wrist for covid violations if players don't get tested on time or aren't following strict protocols. I imagine that slap on the wrist becomes a punch in the dick if you start spitting in your opponent's mouth and may become a slap in the dick if said opponent is vaccinated. Unless they ask for it. I suppose spitting in someone's face is okay in that case because I don't think even Goodell has the balls to kink shame in the year 2021 of our Lord. But unless Marquiel Lee has some sort of relationship with Turner that the KFC Radio boys love talking about, this feels like it's going to end with a letter from NFL headquarters (pictured below).

But seriously, that tweet says it all. Spitting in someone's face is as big a scumbag move as there is in the world (Outside of unloading other bodily fluids onto another unwilling person that I won't get into right now).