"It's Not About You!" - Manny Machado Was Caught Screaming At Fernando Tatis Jr. In The Padres Dugout Tonight

Jeff Curry. Getty Images.

We got a pretty wild scene in the Padres dugout tonight with Manny Machado losing his mind on Fernando Tatis Jr. We talking rat and raccoons again? Not exactly. 


Seems like this came right after Fernando was arguing balls and strikes with home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi, who has been shit all night. 

“Don’t worry about that shit. You go play baseball. It’s not about you. You’re the best player on this team”

As far as I'm concerned all Machado was doing here was being the vet in the clubhouse and looking out for his teammate. The Padres are in a dog fight every night as they try to get into the NL Wild Card Game. This isn't Manny being an asshole in the clubhouse like I assume many are gonna foolishly paint him out to be. If you're Fernando you can't risk getting tossed in any game right and Manny was just setting him straight. You can't be selfish when the games matter as much as they do right now. Their manager Jayce Tingler was already tossed after the terrible strike 3 call, you gotta flush it away and move on. As far as I'm concerned, if no one is looking out for Tatis Jr. like that then that's a bad sign. Good on Manny being a leader I fucking love that intensity. In a perfect situation they handle that in the clubhouse away from the cameras, but it didn't work out that way as they were about to hit the field. This probably gets blown out of proportion, but I don't see it being anything bad between the two.  

P.S. The Cardinals scoring 3 unanswered right after this to take the lead and win the game was not the best turn of events for San Diego if we're being honest