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Mississippi State and Memphis Had One of the Wildest Fourth Quarters of the Season

If you didn't see any of the Mississippi State-Memphis game, uh ... I'll just have to show you what happened, because there were quite a few events just in the last five minutes that you'll have to see to believe. Let's pick this one up with Memphis up four points in the fourth quarter and punting back to the Bulldogs.

As much as I always want Brandon Walker to be upset, somebody owes all of us an explanation for this. The ball is downed, then the official behind the ball throws his beanbag and starts waving his arms to signal timeout. Then he just stops when the Memphis player picks it up, like he was just waiting on a player to tell him if the ball was live or not rather than the other way around.

I have no clue how that was allowed to stand. Even though the MSU player should have just picked the ball up, I've never seen a ref start blowing a play dead and then stop because another player decided the play wasn't over.

But a determined Mississippi State offense went right back down the field for a touchdown before failing to convert a two-point conversion, which would have trimmed the Memphis lead to three. And after another Tigers field goal, the Bulldogs found the end zone again with less than two minutes to go. It seemed like Mississippi State might find a way to pull out another one.

So it all came down to a two-point conversion for Mississippi State to hopefully force overtime.

Pain. The Bulldogs were left singing the blues in Memphis on Saturday evening.

At least the fans are taking it alright.